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Video of a wild ride in earth’s atmosphere
 5 layers of the atmosphere--click on the highlighted text
 A reading about wind
 What’s blowing in the wind?
 Global wind patterns--check out “Blow, Wind, Blow”
 Air pressure video
 Air pressure links
 How to make a barometer
 Humidity link


  1. 1.What does a meteorologist do?

  2. 2.How can you become a meteorologist?

  3. 3.How do meteorologists forecast weather?

  4. 4.Try the Doppler experiment

  5. 5.Temperature & forecasting

  6. 6.Wild Weather Game

  7. 7.Weather Fronts [explore all 5 parts]

  8. 8.Click on 2 types of front movements

  9. 9.Play a weather prediction game

  10. 10.Explore the weather for 21042; give mom a forecast

  11. 11.Explore severe weather:

  12. Winter Storms

  13. Thunderstorms

  14. Lightning

  15. 12.Explore weather safety links

  16. 13.Explore weather in art--create your own weather masterpiece


  1. Think about hurricanes.  How do they form?  Why do they form?  Where do they form?  Fill out your KWL chart [page 87-88].

  2. Read about hurricanes. 

  3. And here

  4. Watch this video.

  5. On a sheet of lined paper, write 4-5 sentences answering these questions:  What is a hurricane?  Where do hurricanes form?  How fast are hurricane winds?  Be sure to use your own words.  [Look at that, you just wrote a short paragraph!]

  6. Read about the Ancient Mayan god Hurakan

  7. And here

  8. Find the Yucatan Peninsula on a map or globe [hint:  the Mayans were in Mexico].

  9. Go through this article about hurricanes. 

  10. Watch this video.

  11. Learn how hurricanes form

  12. Complete this activity about wave height when Mama can help. 

  13. Complete the worksheet in your binder about hurricanes [page 92].

  14. Use the maps in your binder [pages 94 & 96] to answer these questions on a sheet of lined paper:

  15. How many category 5 hurricanes have hit the US from 1950-2007?

  16. What category has hit the US the most?

  17. Which state has had the most hurricanes?  Which have had the fewest?

  18. What patterns do you see on the maps?

  19. Use the grid on this page to fill out the chart in your notebook [page 98] about storm categories.

  20. View a video about hurricane hunters

  21. Review these hurricane safety facts.

  22. Reflect on this chapter.  What was your favorite part?  How does the information relate to your life?  What would you like to know more about?

  23. Now complete your KWL chart.

  24. .

  25. .

  26. .

  27. .

  28. .

  29. .







  1. 1.  Visualize a tornado.  How do they form?  Why do they form?  Where are the found?

  2. 2.  Complete the KWL chart in your notebook.

  3. 3.  Watch this video about tornadoes.

  4. 4.  Explore this link about tornadoes.

  5. 5.  Create a tornado in a bottle with Mama’s help.

  6. 6.  Watch this other video. 

  7. 7.  Launch the interactive “rate the tornado damage” activity on this page.  

  8. 8.  Read this article.  There are interesting “related links” on the left to explore as well.

  9. 9.  Try this “interactive tornado” activity.

  10. 10.  Explore Tornado Alley

  11. 11.  Look at the map in your notebook.  Color the states with 30+ tornadoes per year red.  Color the states with 20-29 orange.  Color the states with 10-19 yellow.  Does a pattern emerge?

  12. 12.  Read about predicting tornadoes. 

  13. 13.  Learn about storm chasers.  Watch the video at the end of the article.

  14. 14.  Learn about tornado safety here

  15. 15.  Complete your KWL chart.

  16. 16.  Do the Paragraph Town lesson using the topic of tornadoes.

  17. 17.  Watch the Wizard of Oz.











Work, Tools, and Simple Machines

  1. 1.What is Work?