We learn, therefore we are.

Love & chaos

Love & chaos

We are a family of four living, learning, and loving together.

L is 9.  He is about to start 4th grade.  He attended public school for kindy, but then we started homeschooling his 1st grade year.  Here is an archive of posts from those years:  from old posterous blog. He likes Legos, Minecraft, Star Wars, and pool play.

C is 4.  He is about to start his second year at the same private nursery school that L attended at the same age.  It was chosen specifically for its play-based nature and lack of classroom computers.  It’s laid back and loving.  He will attend 3 mornings a week.  He likes to do anything his brother does.

I [K] am a former public school teacher.  I taught kindergarten and elementary ESOL.  I am not anti-public school; we just find that homeschooling fits our lifestyle and L’s learning style better.  For now.  I refuse to be bound forever to any one style or approach.  I take it one year and one child at a time.

T is computer security expert.  Raised as an ex-pat, his perspective is unique.

This blog is mainly about our homeschooling, but occasionally drifts into other areas of life.

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