Week 22 – Accomplishments!

So many accomplishments this week!

We finished Beast Academy 3D and started 4A.  I’ve never gotten into the habit of treating L to something special for finishing a level like my friend over at Tinderbox Homeschool, but L went into the living room and threw himself a little dance party!

In addition to continuing with Beast Academy 4A, I also signed L up for Khan Academy.  I think the supplement will be a nice addition to help him understand the concepts.

Wednesday was our 100th day of school!  This includes co-op days because I feel they are an integral part of our program.  We did some special homeschool activities that I got from Teachers Pay Teachers designed especially for older [elementary/early middle] students.  Some of them L enjoyed, others he grumped through cuz it required /work/.  We did get this gem though:


L at age 100!

L at age 100!

2014-02-19 10.42.36

comparing pennies and cubes

2014-02-19 10.42.41

Pennies won!!

2014-02-19 11.13.09

100 Wikki Stix vs. pennies. He balanced the 100 Stix with a mere 22 pennies.

We also explored the year 1914, made words from the letters in “One Hundred Days”, did 100 jumping jacks and timed how long that took [1 minute 24 seconds], and wrote as much as possible on a single topic in 100 seconds:  “Minecraft:  Zombies kill you.  You respawn.  Diamonds spawn below level 12.  Red stone is weird.  The Ender Dragon is the boss of the game.”  [I may have fixed the capital letters….]  So yeah, lots of fun!!

We had a nice day at co-op on Thursday.  I love the chance to hang out with other homeschooling families in a low-key but structured environment.  The social hall in the AM is overwhelming to my delicate senses, but otherwise, it’s awesome.

Friday we wrapped up our unit on Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH.   L’s final project was to write the next chapter of the story.  The curriculum guide gave lots of support to help him think through how to do this, and his finished chapter is nice.  It shows major issues in handwriting, spelling, sentence structure, and grammar [particularly the use of quotation marks], but it’s full of interesting ideas that are mostly clear to the reader.  And it was completed with minimal whining.  ;)  It’s too long to share as is, but I “threatened” to type it up for him to show him just how short it actually is, and if I do, I’ll share it here.

We also finished the science unit on simple machines.  The final project in the guide seemed like meaningless busy work, and L had his own ideas anyway.  Go here to see his final project.  [I hope that works.  It's a short video that I couldn't seem to upload here, so I put it on Facebook.  Let me know if it doesn't work.]

We finished Paragraph Town today as well.  We have not always done every writing assignment, though I usually made up for any we skipped with another writing assignment in another lesson.  Between this book and the scaffolding I’ve been doing as recommended by Minds in Focus, L’s writing is definitely improving.

Up next, we’ll start a unit on Westward Expansion and begin reading the novel The Ballad of Lucy Whipple.  On my long-range calendar, I’d originally planned to take this next week off, but I’m sorta hoping L doesn’t notice this, as I’d rather not with all the snow days we’ve had.  Plus, T & I have been talking about going somewhere to celebrate our milestone birthdays, maybe a cruise…. so I want to save that “week off” for then.

Speaking of going places, I’ve already informed T that next year after we study the Romans, I want us to take a “field trip” to Italy.  That’s reasonable right?

I’m also trying to connive a way to visit St. Louis next month for our Westward Expansion unit.  They have a museum of Westward Expansion, plus there’s the Archway to the West.  We went there a few years ago when T’s robotics team made the national competition as one of the newbie teams that did the best.  Sadly, we can’t really count on them getting to go this year.  L remembers St. Louis with a lot of fondness [we did a lot of museums, the zoo, etc. while T was busy with the competition], and wouldn’t mind going again.  I’d love to take a Mississippi River cruise.  They have some that go from New Orleans to St. Louis, but not til late summer/early fall.  So we’ll see.

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  1. Kim, I grew up in Memphis, and can assure you that a riverboat cruise during summer would be miserable. Hot and muggy, and being on the water wouldn’t help as much as you might think. Go in the spring or fall, and you’ll have a lovely time, but leave the summertime alone!

    • I grew up in Biloxi, MS, so yes, I agree with you! Plus I don’t want to wait that long and have other things to do then. But I’m not sure St. Louis would be much fun in March. :/

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