Week 20 –

It’s gratifying to hear L tell me he hates reading…

only 2 chapters at a time!  LOL  The MBTP literature units move through at a pace much slower than he likes.  He’s interested in the story, and wants to read ahead.  He has told me he’ll go back later and reread the book all in one go.

Clearly, he gets his love of reading from me. :)

Science, on the other hand, is a stumbling block.  We had another experiment glitch involving the “inclined plane” provided in the stock kit.  We rigged up an alternative, but I find it frustrating to have to do so.  I was looking forward to being able to “open and go” since I’m not a huge fan of teaching science.

Is there such thing as an open and go science that involves hands-on experiments?

In math, we are wrapping up area and the book 3D.  Beast Academy 4A has arrived, so we’re all set to start that right away.

On Monday, our Paragraph Town assignment was to research a topic and write a paragraph of the purpose of their own choosing.  L wanted to research the topic of WWII and new technology it inspired.  He chose to write a 5 paragraph essay because he couldn’t fit all he wanted to say in a single paragraph.  This is great, but has presented some challenges.  First of all, it’s taking longer.  Also, his enthusiasm has waned some.  But having another opportunity to develop an outline and write from it will be valuable.  In order to minimize the time loss, I combined this lesson with the next which focused on using appropriate vocabulary.

Wednesday was another “snow day” for the public schools.  We plugged along as usual, but I agreed to watch my friend’s boys while she went to work that afternoon, so we only did math and language arts.  I still count it as a day, but it was one of our shorter ones.

C read the word “ask” off of a magazine he received [Thanks, Grammy!].  I’m always impressed how he handles those consonant blends.

He’s going through a period of waking up early which sadly coincides with a period of my own of staying up too late.  *yawn*

Ginger did well in her first training class.  We are firming up “sit”, and she’s also learning “lie down” and “cot” [get on her cot/bed], and “release”.  Oh, and “watch me” which I have been signaling with a “kissy noise”, but T finds that hard to make, plus it’s not very loud, so I’m trying to switch her over to the command “watch me”.  T is also trying to teach her to dance, and I’m trying to teach her to ring a bell to go out.  Fun times!

That’s about it for the week.  I apparently took no pictures.  :/

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