Week 17 – Homeschooling with a dog!

Ginger joined our family this week.  I thought I was done with newborns!  LOL

2014-01-05 13.47.58

How cute is she?! We couldn’t resist those ears!


Ok, she’s actually not a newborn, but she has some similarities.

2014-01-06 15.58.41

She loves toys.


1) We weren’t sure how well trained she was, so we started out taking her outside every 2 hours or so.

2) She is easily bored, and chews on inappropriate things, so I/we have to keep a constant eye on her.

2014-01-09 07.26.10

At least she seems to not swallow the bits of toys she destroys.


3) If her begging were any indication, she’s constantly hungry.


Anyway, we’ve done well with school this week despite this cute distraction.  The weather Tuesday was Arctic, and I was glad we didn’t have to go anywhere–except outside to walk the dog.  Friday C had a school delay due to freezing rain.

But L wrote a 5 paragraph essay on a Civil War topic [with MUCH scaffolding].  We practiced the distinction between lay and lie.  He finished his math unit on estimation.  He had his first piano lesson since before Christmas.

The only thing missing is PE.  The Y didn’t get their act together or something, and the new session of Home School PE wasn’t on the schedule [at least, not correctly, and no one responded to our inquiries].  I need to decide what we’re going to do to replace it.  There’s another class by the Parks & Rec, but it’s at 11 on Wednesday.  We’d basically get nothing done on Wednesdays if we did it, and we are already at co-op all day Thursday, so we really can’t afford to lose another day.  I keep tossing around the idea of Tai Kwon Do, or running together, but I dunno.

I need to make a decision and commit to it!

C showed some interesting progress this week.  One day he saw a pack of “first word” flashcards I had lying around and insisted on reading them together.  He was able to read most of the CVC words, and several of the CCVC words.  I helped him with some that had r-controlled vowels or digraphs so that all in all he felt successful.  One of the words was “fish”.  A little while later, he initiated some sort of writing activity on his own.  After a bit, he asked  me how to spell “fish”.  He had already written F-E-H, and wanted to know if that was right.  I struggle with this because on the one hand I do not want to discourage his attempts to sound out words on his own–and I’m SO PROUD he put a vowel in!!–but on the other hand, he seemed to want to know the standard spelling.  I’ve struggled with this balance since I first began teaching, and I still don’t have the answer.

The other interesting thing was tonight he was–seemingly randomly–talking about numbers, and I heard him say something like, “5,059 is larger than 5,058″.  Now, for a 4 [and a half] year old those are big numbers, and to understand which is bigger is a BIG DEAL.

I was also amused by his use of the word “shall” one day this week.  LOL  Where does he learn these things!

2014-01-09 17.02.07

We are gearing up for “2nd Christmas” at our house [the time we celebrate with Grammy and aunts & uncles & cousins], so I came home Thursday to this pile of packages. Plus a few more that were hidden behind these!


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  1. I like the answer. “People will know what you mean if you spell it that way. “FEH” the standard spelling is “FISH” it is fine to change the spelling later. I like that you are using all the words you know.”

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