Week 16 – Homeschooling 2 at a time!

This week presented its own unique challenge:  I was ready for L to “go back” to school, but C’s nursery school didn’t reopen until Friday.  So I took the time to plan and prep a few activities just for him.

We still had conflicts in that C often wanted to “do school” right when L needed my one-on-one attention rather than when L was trying to read quietly in the living room.  Or L would be so distracted watching what C was doing that he wouldn’t be getting his own work done.  It worries me how it might be if we choose to keep C at home next year, but we’ll face that when/if we get there.

2013-12-30 10.50.42

Counting by 10s: each of the ornaments had a multiple of 10 on it. He had to put them in order. We also did things like count 10-unit Cuisenaire rods, matching various groups of 10-unit rods to the ornaments, and using a 100s chart to develop understanding of what “counting by 10s” means.

2014-01-02 10.58.48

C can sound out and blend many simple CVC words. I had him match rhyming words by sounding them out and looking at the endings. The black “lines” are Bendaroos [like Wikki-stix]. He did well at this, but only wanted to do it this one time. He also did a word-picture sort of -at family words, and helped me read an -at family story about a fat cat on a mat.

2014-01-02 12.41.46

A close-up of the rhyming word activity


L and I have continued to study the Civil War using our MBTP units.  He finished reading Bull Run, and next week he is supposed to write an essay about it.  Part of the Bull Run unit introduced commonly misused words, like sit/set and lie/lay.  I have spent my whole life not conjugating or using lie/lay correctly, but I may have finally found a way to remember.

lie —-> lying
lay—> laying
The past tense of lie is also lay.
To lay requires a direct object.  The past tense and past participle of lay ends in “d” [d-->direct object].  So lay–laid-laid-laying.
That makes lie–lay–laiN–lying.

Whew!  L is still struggling with it, but I hope that now that >I< have it down, I can help him with it as well.

Another activity for the Civil War history unit was to make ink out of improvised materials, e.g. berries, and write a letter or journal entry.  We chose to write thank you notes with our home-made raspberry ink and “quills”, and we used paper we had made a few years back.

2013-12-30 14.14.24

2013-12-30 17.03.49

[I'm embarrassed and confused how much hair ended up in this paper!]

Another activity asked L to plan a Civil War memorial.  We didn’t go into tons of detail with the plan, but I was impressed by the idea he came up with.  He wanted to make a circular memorial with 4 soldiers from each side facing each other.  Their rifles would “fire” at each other, but the bullets would be water.  He also wanted there to be sound effects and smoke, but I think I talked him out of the noise, and convinced him that mist would look as good without being as polluting.

We only had a 4 day week as we took off New Year’s Day.  No co-0p this week, but Tuesday evening we went over to friends’ house to celebrate, and Wednesday we had friends over to play Dungeons & Dragons, so  pretty social week!

Hope your New Year started off with a bang!


ETA:  I had the wrong week# in the title.

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