One Word

I posted the other day about my non-resolutions.  Since then I’ve been reminded of the “one word” movement.  I think I picked a word last January, but I have no idea what it was.  Healthy?  Balanced?  Just not sure, so clearly I didn’t commit to it.  But today two friends posted their words.



Regina used a white board and a thesaurus to help her brainstorm.  And somehow that appealed to me.  I started with obvious words.  Healthy.  Productive.  Strong.  Focused.  Then I got on, and looked for some other words.

I jotted down several, and tried to set it aside to mull over it.  But one word had pricked up my ears like a cat hearing his human open a can of cat food.

2014-01-02 16.26.58

Still, I hesitated.  But when I was still thinking about it after putting C to bed, I decided to pull the trigger.  My hesitation is telling.


That’s my word for 2014.  I struggle with committing to simple things, like where to eat dinner, what to wear, which color to paint our bedroom.  Bigger commitments aren’t easy either.  And then there’s the other aspect:  persistence.  Starting projects and letting them drop.  I do have some goals for the year, some that I’ve had forever.  But lack of commitment has stopped me from reaching them.  So yeah, I can already see connections all over, and I look forward to exploring them.

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