Welcome the New Year

On Sunday, the sermon at church was about festivals of light around the world and letting our own light shine.  [It’s not up yet, but audio of the sermon will be posted here soon.]  It got me to thinking about this post from last December about the Solstice and faith.

In many ways, I’m still looking for the light from last spring.  A lot happened privately  that cast shadows on the year.  More broadly, we never had any closure in the Sandy Hook tragedy.  And more recently, losing our dear Archimedes has really darkened our view.

The new calendar year starts tomorrow and it is a time when many make “resolutions”.  Most of those resolutions are quickly broken.  I have made resolutions in the past of various sizes [Lose 50 pounds! Floss daily.].  Too big and you’re set up for failure.  Too small and it’s hard to feel accomplished.

Perhaps the way to go is to make the general resolution to keep improving.  To make daily strides to live our values.  Be kind, fair, and just every day.  Learn and share every day.  Tidy the web and build new connections every day.

I have more specific goals.  I’d like to stock an Etsy store with crocheted items in time for Black Friday 2014.  I want to continue blogging at least once a week.  I’m considering doing a photo a day challenge, but only if I can tie it into my blog I think.  As always, I’d like to be healthier and more active.  I’d like to help my kids make strides in reaching their potential by being a better parent and teacher.

What goals are you making?

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