Christmas Break!

We had a fairly laid back holiday week.  We went to the Science Center to see the Mummies.

2013-12-23 14.48.06

We couldn’t take pictures in the Mummies Exhibit, but we spent a ton of time in the Kids’ Room playing at the water table. As an aside, if anyone knows this girl or her brother shown in the next picture, L really enjoyed playing with them.

2013-12-23 14.52.28

They worked together to create some sort of project.

2013-12-23 15.30.18

L using an interactive program to create a hurricane.

2013-12-23 15.39.30

C & T manipulating a tornado.


We enjoyed the UUCC Christmas pageant on Christmas Eve, then came home to an early delivery by the elves.

2013-12-24 20.45.21

But apparently I forgot to take a picture of the box of PJs, movies, and cocoa that the elves left, so here’s a picture of L with the plate of goodies he left for Santa and his helpers.


Christmas Day was enjoyed by all. Santa did good.

2013-12-25 06.36.57

Coming down the stairs!

2013-12-24 21.48.49

The tree in all its glory!

2013-12-25 06.37.36

Minecraft tools!

2013-12-25 06.48.07

Space rocket play set!

2013-12-25 06.48.24

Cool Oceanology book!

2013-12-25 07.00.25

Hot Wheels play set!


The rest of the week has been spent enjoying new toys, playing with friends, and learning Java and GIMP [the boys] or crocheting [Mama].  [Here is a link to a deal on the mod design course L, T, & C are taking; it’s only good through 12/31/13 so hurry!]

I’m looking forward to getting back to more of a routine.  We have plans for both NYE afternoon/evening and NY afternoon/evening, but otherwise, I have schoolwork planned for both.  C doesn’t go back to preschool until Friday, so I’ve put together a few new activities to keep him busy if he needs.

We also spent some time considering adopting a dog.  T once owned a Corgi and really loved her, so I’ve been scouring for options.  I found 2 in WV near Mom, oddly, but both were snatched up quickly.  We went to one of the local shelters and met another Corgi mix, but she sat there and chewed a toy [eating a few bits] as we watched, plus we were told she chewed cords too, so we left her behind.  I’m not looking into a Basenji mix, but I can’t get too excited because these listings seem to go fast.  We’ll see!

2013-12-28 13.19.20

Here’s the Sweetie who chewed the toy. L really liked her too, so it was sad to leave her behind.

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