Week 15 – Last Week of 2013

I failed to get this written and out before Christmas.  What can I say:  It was Christmas, and we’re all still feeling pretty down about losing Archimedes.  Week 15 was mostly observing that we can’t seem to get through a MBTP language arts lesson AND a history lesson; we pretty much alternated.  :/  I gotta fix that.  Otherwise, it was prepping for the week off and the holiday.

Here are a few pictures from our week.

2013-12-19 11.58.09

The 3 boys were mesmerized by this story in our co-op story-time. The girls were off elsewhere reading other books on their own.

2013-12-20 08.15.58

“Doing” the crossword and Soduko. Doing what I’m not sure.

2013-12-20 14.24.27

So look carefully. This is a propaganda poster L made. It’s a Union poster aimed at Southerners considering enlisting. The implication is that the Confederate Army is a shambles, you don’t want to join. Notice the baby soldier holding the rifle backwards, and the other baby soldier playing horsey with the canon. Then general is an adult, but that was a last minute change. The triangles are the tents.

2013-12-20 14.25.52

We made a tornado in a bottle. You can barely see it here. :/

2013-12-20 14.26.16

L made this beautiful project in his co-op art class. I’m so thankful for this class cuz I’m horrible at making sure we get to the artsy stuff. :(

2013-12-20 14.28.05

L doing his “PE”. Sometimes, esp. now that the weather is cold and yucky, I have L play a Wii game as his PE. He really gets into the “wall smasher” game!

2013-12-20 14.29.58

I’m experimenting with the idea of alternating between science and history as suggested by MBTP. L is not so sure about this, but I’m hoping it will allow us to focus better on each topic. We’ll see. L is also not in love with the MBTP units. Maybe the science will win him over. I will also plan to present the MBTP material different so he doesn’t feel like he’s just moving through a text book.


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