Week 14 – Rolling with the “punches”

This has been a pretty good week in many ways, but certainly not the week I’d imagined.  Snow and illness has wreaked havoc on my plans, and yet if I could tally up the week in a concrete way, I think we’d still be ahead by many counts.

First the debits.  We essentially had two snow days.  Monday the boys wanted to play in the snow from Sunday, and then Tuesday it snowed even more.  L surprised  me by playing in the snow both days.  While he did get a little bit of schoolwork done, mostly there was playing.  We’ll call that PE and socialization, k?

2013-12-08 15.25.36

Making snow angels

In addition to the snow, one of our kitties has been sick.  He hadn’t been eating well for the past week or two, and had vomited several times.

2013-12-10 17.37.59

And so lethargic he snuggled with C

Due to his past history, I suspected he had eaten one of the boys’ toys.  Last Friday [the 6th] I called the vet.  She did an exam and x-ray, and though we could see something in his stomach, it was formless, and we thought maybe it was “just” a hairball.  I treated it as such over the weekend with laxatives and anti-nausea/appetite stimulating meds.  But by Tuesday though he seemed perkier in some ways, he was still vomiting and not actually consuming much.  We made arrangements for him to get an ultrasound on Wednesday.  This scan clearly showed something in his upper intestines with hard edges, and possible string or something.  He was going to need surgery.

Surgery occurred that night, and sure enough there was a toy in his small intestine.  Clearly, my sweet, lovable Archimedes had gone over to the Dark Side, because he consumed the head of Yoda.

Warning, the picture to follow is sorta gross:










2013-12-11 18.53.46

He seems to be recovering nicely so far, but due to the dicey location, he will need to stay with the vet for several days.

But on the positive side, L has learned a lot about the Civil War and estimating, and I’ve been pretty laid back about the number of “checks” on his assignment sheet for the week.  I’ve focused more on quality of learning than quantity of work, and felt pretty good about it overall.  The Moving Beyond the Page units really do a good job of incorporating other subject areas.  As I write he is working on the literature unit for Bull Run, and he keeps having to refer to the US map.  So he keeps running back and forth between the living room where he likes to sit to read and the school room where the map is hung.  Can we say kinesthetic learner?  Wednesday he was reading Civil War letters.  I _love_ that this curriculum brings in so many primary sources.  It also “forced” him to read cursive writing.

We have been using an assignment from Paragraph Town to write a 3-paragraph essay on hurricanes.  This has served as a review of the hurricane chapter we did for science last week.

There is much we didn’t get done, like typing practice, spelling, and art or logic.  But he wants to type his final draft of his hurricane essay.  We talked about spelling while editing and proofreading his rough draft.  And he did a beautiful piece of art at co-op.  He has also had to use logical thinking in math this week as he learns about estimating, and while reading Bull Run to determine which side the characters were on.

So all-in-all, not a complete loss despite looking very different from my plans.  I will write a separate post about Chalica.

2013-12-09 18.19.39

T worked late several nights so we took advantage of the opportunity to have cheese for dinner

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