Chalica 2013

Chalica is here!   [If you’re not sure what that is, look back here.]

Okay, actually, it was last week, but 1) I missed the beginning of it and 2) I like to line it up with our church’s hosting of the cold weather/Warm Welcome shelter so I can tie our principles to our actions.

Last year I planned a bunch of stuff, and then only achieved a small fraction.  This year I opted to keep it simple.

After planning the week’s school work, I looked at how I could tie each principle into the activities for the day.  We are only doing one helping job for the shelter this year [plus donating a turkey], so that ended up not being my main focus.  However, we are studying the Civil War, and that is chock-full of UU principles.  I developed discussion questions for each.  I hope to share the results of our discussions with you each day this week.

How do you tie your values into your daily school work?

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