Week 12 – Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving coming–which we hosted at our house on the Saturday before the actual holiday–I gave L a different kind of assignment sheet:  a week’s worth of work with 2 weeks to complete it.

2013-11-23 15.15.42

Friends and family–togetherness!


One of his assignments was to get his room clean so his cousin could sleep in there.  This ended up taking most of the week.

Maybe my expectations were too high or maybe it was just because I was so distracted with holiday preps that I didn’t keep on top of him firmly enough, but not much got done.  Then after our family left, I got sick and was fairly lethargic for the second half of “week 12″.

When we started the new Moving Beyond the Page unit on the Civil War, we immediately ran into a slight problem:  the curriculum calls for the book War, Terrible War by Hakim.  We borrowed it from the library.  Unfortunately, the edition we got was an older version that only covered 1860-1865, and we needed the newer 1855-1865.  So I got that one  from the library.  But still, the edition we got was the third edition, and closer examination showed that we needed the third edition, revised.  *sigh*  We’re making do with the non-revised one, but it’s missing the information about Antebellum occupations that the first lesson refers to.

Nevertheless, I like the lesson we’ve done so far.  It had some readings and map work with some real data.  Then an activity to compare the North and South by creating travel brochures.  For the general description section which required a paragraph, I employed the technique of having L tell me what he wanted to say while I jotted down keywords.  Then we discussed the best sequence to present that information, and finally I had him write sentences for each bullet point in the agreed-upon order.  The results were paragraphs that did a pretty good job of reflecting his oral production, something that doesn’t happen when he’s asked to produce a paragraph on his own.

2013-12-03 14.42.51

Two paragraphs describing Antebellum North & South

The Tuesday before my family arrived the boys and I made applesauce out of apples we’d bought the week before at the farmers’ market.  The boys enjoyed eating the peels created by our peeler/corer/slicer so much that they only helped peel one or two apples each.

2013-11-19 13.44.47

Helping Mama by “disposing” of the apple peels

2013-11-19 18.09.54

Wow, they cook down a lot!

This was mostly gone by Friday so we ended up making more! [which as of this writing is also gone]

Monday before “real” Thanksgiving, C’s class had a little Thanksgiving music program.  They sang songs and did a little dance.  It was cute.

2013-11-25 11.08.42

Singing with classmates


We schooled loosely the week of “real” Thanksgiving and had a nice day off and intimate family meal for the holiday.  We’re a little “behind”, but I’m trying not to let that panic  me.  December also tends to be a light month as I prepare for the holidays and help out when our church hosts a cold weather shelter.  If I exert too much energy panicking about being “behind” it’ll be hard to enjoy the festivities.  :)

Coming up:  I want to do a separate post on the psychologists report and the repurcussions and… it’s almost time for CHALICA!  :)  Stay tuned!


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