Week 11 – Searching for a new path

Time slips away so quickly.  I’m weeks behind in my updates.  The 11th week has come and gone and then some, and so I’m backtracking.

But it’s hard to remember how a week 3 weeks ago went.  I have the assignment sheet.  I know L was learning about fractions, paragraphs, compound words, and starting on the Antebellum period and the Civil War.

It was a cold week.  We met a friend at the park on Tuesday, and while the other mom and I shivered and did laps around the playground, our boys played hide and seek barely noticing the cold.

2013-11-12 13.26.46

The kids are hiding–can you see them?


Wednesday, C had a field trip to the turkey farm, and I left L at home with some independent work.  I always hate doing that, but needs must.  I later found out that he never really finished his science even though he said/thought he had.  We’ll be catching up on that this week.

The field trip to the turkey farm was also freezing cold.

2013-11-13 10.01.23

Trying to keep his hands warm

The turkeys were odd.

2013-11-13 10.28.14

The Tom turkey “displaying” for us

But the kids seemed to enjoy it.

And L had his last appointment with the psychologist we hired to evaluate his learning [mindsinfocus.net].  I’ll share more on that at a later time.

As for new paths, I mentioned in my last post that I was dissatisfied with Story of the World’s coverage of the Civil War.  I was looking around at other options, and settled on Moving Beyond the Page.  I ordered their Civil War unit, as well as the coordinating literature unit on Bull Run.  I also ordered 2 units for C to use at some point.  They didn’t arrive in time to use them during this week though, so we did some activities I’d come up with to review the concept of slavery in the US.  We started reading about Harriet Tubman and Abraham Lincoln, and read an excerpt of Lincoln’s on slavery.  L started reading one of the Dear America series, “Diary of Clotee”, and he read a brief summary of the Dred Scott case from Enchanted Learning.  I really want to go on some field trips, but I haven’t made that happen yet.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and we are definitely on the very beginning of our new path.  Time will tell what the obstacles are and whether it’s the right path for us.  Does anyone else have any experience with Moving Beyond the Page?

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