Week 10 – Transitions Ahead!

The leaves are definitely turning and falling.  The nights are cold, and many mornings are frosty.  Halloween is gone, and Christmas is upon us.

A time of transitions.

This week was pretty straight forward:  L started learning about fractions.  He  practiced compound words.  We learned about paragraphs while he continued to practice analyzing sentences.  He practiced distinguishing between fact and opinion.  Science had him studying hurricanes, and in history he learned about the formation of the nation of Italy and the Taiping Rebellion.

C read the word “dad”, is starting to write his name in cursive, and has gotten really good at patterning.

We skipped co-op due to illness, but in PE at the Y L and his classmates made up a new game.  C had a field trip to Pizza Hut, and I brought home a Margherita pizza for L to go along with our study of Italy.

Nothing earth-shaking.

But looking ahead to next week, Story of the World presents a chapter on the Civil War.  A chapter.  I know it’s a world history text, and the US is only one small part of it.  But it’s the part we live in.  The American Civil War was one of the bloodiest in history.  It changed the face of our nation, and has had long-reaching repercussions.  One chapter seems…. sparse.  And more and more I’m finding that the “story” of Story of the World takes too much poetic license with the facts.

So I’ve been looking for something new.  One friend really enjoys Sonlight, but as a secular homeschooler I’d have to do a lot of omission and modification.  In looking around at how others might have handled that, I came across Moving Beyond the Page.

And I think I may have found my new curriculum.  I really like how everything works together:  Literature units lined up with science and social studies units.  Science and social studies units that mesh together and draw connections between each other.    I think I’d still use Michael Clay Thompson and Words Their Way as supplements, but I may go whole hog otherwise.  I ordered a couple individual units to try things out and see what I think.

It would not be exaggeration to say that I started homeschooling because of Story of the World.  Thinking about switching is scary.  But it’s scarier to think about brushing over the Civil War and leaving L to think that it was insignificant.

Stay tuned!

2013-11-06 10.08.02

Like walking into the North Pole!

2013-11-06 10.15.03

Cheese, glorious cheese!

2013-11-06 10.24.17

Proud chef!

2013-11-06 11.14.45

In honor of Queen Margherita!


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